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It's time to take control of your life

One to One Coaching

When we work together you will get the support and encouragement you need for overcoming fear, procrastination and overwhelm that is keeping you stuck. Together we will work on your strengths and help you with building confidence and regaining lost motivation.

Online Courses

If you want flexibility and like to work at your own pace, we have a great selection of online coaching programmes that come at great prices. The programmes will help you to improve your focus and make the best use of your time - helping you to move forward at a faster pace.

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VIP Days

If you are committed and invested in yourself the VIP days will give you the opportunity to take a deep and personal look at your current situation be it personal or business. We will spend the day identifying your true desires and devising a plan for achieving the lifestyle you dream of.

Discover Strategies to Build Your confidence

Being a confident person has many benefits not just in your personal life, but also in business.

When I first started my business, I faced an overwhelming lack of confidence and belief in my abilities, despite all my previous experience in the corporate world and a long list of qualifications.

When we lack confidence in our abilities we often put our lives on hold. We stop trying new and challenging activities preferring to remain within the safety of our comfort zone. The problem is that confidence requires us to get into action. If we stop trying we stop growing.

When we work together you will bring more confidence, positivity, courage and possibility into your life and in doing so reduce your anxieties and fears.

You’ll learn expert strategies for creating a positive mindset that will give you the ability to rise in the face of any tough or challenging situation, and position you as a magnetic leader in your place of work, family and circle of friends.

Unlimited confidence can be yours!

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What People Are Saying

  • A few months ago I was kicking myself, I was annoyed that I left my coaching on the shelf, that I never believed in myself enough to know that I CAN do this… Then I came across Sandra and her course…
    Helen Cooper
  • I thought I’d get a few new ideas to help grow my business... but I soon found out it was much much more involved & I’ve gained so much...
    Haneefah Muhammad
  • Coaching with Sandra was very practical and inspirational. I found myself during and after each session more engaged with why I am doing the work that I do, and what I can do to progress with it. Sandra encouraged me along the way, and for that I am very grateful.  
    Y.L., London

Confidence Statistics

Men and women start their careers equally confidence about reaching top management... but surprisingly women's confidence declines with experience - dropping from 27% to 13%

Men tend to be more assertive about their abilities than women and are therefore likely to apply for a promotion, even if they only possess 60% of the skills required. Women tend to only apply if they believe they possess 100% of the qualifications.
Research has shown that nearly 70% of the population has been affected by impostor Syndrome. It is prevalent amongst high achievers including the likes of Sheryl Sandberg, Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Renee Zellweger and Maya Angelou.